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Laser Pointer X4 Simulated


Laser pointer X4 simulator 2016 is an awesome free game with an amazing simulator game, other super free game (Sweet Bubble Shooter) and a music piano app. The laser is just a simulator game, it isnt a laser app that will make a laser beam come out of the flashlight or camera of your mobile phone or tablet. Remember, this is just a free simulator game, no laser light shall come out of your devide. There is no secret to make a complete use of this free app. Our design team has invested much time on the graphic design, so as the sounds and music department has selected the best fit sounds. We chase the goal of provide the optimum mix of fun, design and sound detail, and hope keep the fidelity and loyalty of our players. We expect to create the most popular 2016 games.The main menu of the app shows access to every key part of the game: menu of laser pointers, mini free game Sweet Bubble Shooter, the amaizing piano game and the coin zone, to get reward prices. In this free app there are 4 laser pointer, each option with a laser color:* Green laser pointer. The green aura of this laser pointer can attract every player since the first second.* Red super laser: Awesome graphics define this pointer.* Purple color laser pointer: the mix of sound and light of this one create a special atmosphere.* Blue laser light: the answer for those people searching for a bank of beautiful sound effects and awesome color lights.Besides, there is a premium feature: the strobe flash light.
On the first time only the green laser pointer is available. The rest and the flash strobe light must be unlocked collecting coins. There are several cool ways to obtain coins: watch videos, play the mini free game or share on popular social network. Watch videos on the coin zone screen or in the Sweet Bubble Shooter mini free game. Pass levels (more than 500 fun levels) and get your price for every new screen you pass. Share on popular social networks as Whatsapp, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Keep in mind that only one reward for social network.
The laser simulator is key part on this game. Unlock every laser and play using your imagination. Use all the features: vibration mode switch, sounds and strobe flash light. Enjoy the laser lights and the sound effects.
The piano app is a simple music entertainment simulation game. The app just simulate a piano. There you can play your favourite popular music hits. Practice playing piano and surprise your friends with your piano music skills.
The Sweet Bubble Shooter is a funny free game. Launch sweet candy balls and take advantage of this colorful game. More than 520 amazing levels. Level up to become famous among your friends. Be the leader on this fun game. Play normal mode and arcade mode. Challenge its increasing difficulty, from easy game to difficult game. If you think it is not a challenging game, just advance a few more screens, you will find out what challenging game means.
Compite with your friends to be the winner on unlocking laser pointers. Play laser wars and use this app as your laser gun. Many funny stories can arise using this app, just use your imagination. We continue working hard to improve and expand the utilities of this free app, new mini free games can be included if our users ask for it. Our goal is satisfy the players and achieve make trending games. We appreciate if you rate us, leave a comment or send us an email. Your feedback is our source of improvement for Laser Pointer X4 Simulator 2016.